Wo we are
Wo we are1

NETWORK FACTS provide a full range of IT service & software in all over in India*. We deal in branded and assemble computers & Laptops. We always with clients as their critical IT associate and service provider. Delivering progressive results with efficiency in the areas of IT for Business Availability, generation & Enhancement is our maxim. We make relationship with clients is not just being their IT solution provider but going to develop a strong relationship with the client to ensure that our services enhance their overall business functions and fuel their progress ahead.

A National IT leader such as Intel, IBM, HP, Samsung, Acer, Asus, D-link etc. Network-Facts provide its services within your organization itself. Through which we can ensure that every respected client achieves high level of efficiency, security and paring strand technology, in keeping with the demands of this ever evolution period of digital communication.

We are Happy that you have shown interest towards NETWORK-FACTS to fulfill your business needs. We are more than confident that you be will satisfied with the service we can provide.