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Time Attendance Machine dealers in Delhi

Network-Facts introduce you, about Time Attendance management system in Delhi: – An automated time attendance machine is an easy way to your organization to save money and get rid of the frustrations of manual process. Through this machine your efficiency will be increase, labour cost will be manage and maximise profit by implementing an electronic, integrated time and attendance clocking system machine dealer in Delhi.
Here are 5 advantages of time and attendance automation:
1) Reduce errors.
Employee Time Attendance machine system in Delhi, reduces the risk of human error easily, and orderly approach in addressing specific needs without any confusion. Because of the time attendance machine software has been shown the accuracy rate of more than 99%. If company goes with manual systems by eliminating errors in data entry and calculations.

2) Increase security.
Time attendance machine management software is an employ data collection device that may be used control employee access to certain places within a facility and track employee entry. Biometric attendance machine data collection devices eliminate the punching and also help to reduce costly liabilities.

3) Increase productivity.
Bio metric attendance management machine increases the productivity because process is seamless and makes day to day operation more easy and simple. Through attendance machine decreases staffing frustrations and provides supervisors with timely labor data to more conveniently manage their operations.

4) Save money.
A technology based time attendance machine, Figure scan attendance machine dealer in Delhi, with biometric device will help you to reduce your labor cost. Manually calculation, managing and timely data to process payroll can take a lot of time, but with implementing a new technology based Employee Time Attendance solution provider in Delhi, and company are able to increase efficiency and save their money.

5) Increase employee satisfaction.
Employees will be happier with the help of time attendance software guarantees timely and accurate pay. Because of the attendance machine are able to make relations between employers to employee.



This door system will not allow for everyone because of Door access system, in other word, through this door system will be open only for authorized persons are allow to access or enter in company, building or home.

Door access system provides you a high level of security with cost effective way in your home and office. These systems can be classified in the following categories.

Retina Biometric


This device pre-stores the eye color of the person and its other physical features. When a person wants to pass through the door, first its scan his/her retina, second matches with machine data and if store data is correct, only then the door gets opened for them.

Palm Access Biometric


This kind of device use his/her palm to access, if someone wants to enter in the office or building at that time a person has to place his/her palm over the reader which on finding it similar which is store in the device. If it similar then it will be open for that person.



Finger scan access system in Delhi, this kind of technology used in the almost office even small offices also, because a person want to cross the door so that person have to palace there finger on the machine lance then machine will identified there finger in there data base, if your finger is matched with machine data then you are authorized person.